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Water Ionizer Shopping Guide

Decided to buy a water ionizer? You’ve made the right decision. Your family will be able to drink safe water and you get to enjoy the most energizing hydration of your life.

But how can you be sure that you’re getting the best water ionizer deal? There’s a lot of companies out there and they all claim to be the best. What must you do to ensure that you get it right?

1. Plates and Power

Machines with too few plates are far less powerful. The more powerful the machine, the more alkaline, antioxidant-rich molecular hydrogen water is produced.

Water flows around the ionizer plates - the electrolysis process - to create ionized alkaline water. Solid plates (Kangen/Enagic machines use these) do not produce enough electrolysis for optimized pH levels. This lack of power means that a chemical substitute must be used to boost the end result. Not ideal.

Look for a water ionizer with large, solid/mesh hybrid plates, and plenty of them – ideally, 13 plates are best.

2. Filtration

How well a water ionizer cleans up your source water is a dealbreaker. When millions of Americans drink contaminated water every single day, filters that remove deadly toxins are essential.

As a guide:

  • Bear in mind that one filter is rarely enough to take out heavy metals, pharmaceuticals and more from your tap water. Two filters are almost universally better.

  • Cheap filters mean poor quality. You don’t get top-quality filters that remove dangerous contaminants for a cheap price tag. Remember that some deadly substances have no smell, color or taste – you need to be able to trust your filters. Some things should not be cheap, and filters are one of them - this is not a corner to cut.

  • Pre-filters can be a brilliant way to refine your source water even further, as they offer a bespoke solution to ensuring the water you drink is completely safe and great tasting.

3. Price

Once you’ve identified the best, top-of-the-range water ionizer machines, you’ll immediately want to see how they compare on price. Some companies – Tyent USA is one – have extremely competitive prices on some of their most advanced models, particularly during sale periods.

You can save up to $2000 on truly excellent machines, so keep checking the company website for details, and or head over to Tyent’s Instagram for a quick reply to any questions.

A phone call to them is always worth it too – their customer service is the best I’ve seen, and I always learn something from them too.

4. Guaranteed Satisfaction?

Don’t settle for a guarantee that leaves you exposed to the cost of repairs after 3 or 5 years – it's just not good enough when you’re investing in a water ionizer. Better water ionizer companies offer a 10-year warranty.

The best of the best – the ones who know how solidly their machines are built – offer a no-fine print Lifetime guarantee, including parts: always seek this out – it's unbeatable.

Find the Perfect Water Ionizer!

Don’t reach for your credit card without comparing machines and being scrupulous about the details. What is your checklist for making a big purchase? Is price the most important factor or is performance the decider? No one knows more about water ionizers than us, and your feedback helps us to stay ahead of what customers presently need!

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