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The SD-501 is Enagic’s most popular machine. It’s a good choice if you are interested in paying more money for a unit in order to join an MLM (multi-level marketing company.

We like that the Enagic SD-501 can get good pH levels. What we don’t like is that you need to add chemicals in order to reach high and low pH levels. Additionally, we would like Enagic to offer a longer warranty, instead of the five year one that they currently have.

If you plan to purchase an Enagic water ionizer, be sure that you trust the person whom you are buying the unit from because Enagic Corporate’s customer service is sub-par, and the person who you buy your unit from usually your only point of contact.

Uce-11 and Ace-13.png
Tyent USA

Tyent USA easily makes the top two water ionizers that we tested. In both the countertop (ACE-13) and the under-counter (UCE-11), The pH levels and -ORP levels were the highest we've seen.

Plus, if you're looking for Xtreme Molecular Hydrogen Boost, then Tyent is exclusively the only water ionizer company to make machines with this unique and beneficial feature. Their customer service is A+, and we love having a lifetime warranty. 

Tyent offers many other unique, top-of-the-line features too, such as they’re sold/mesh hybrid plates and SMPS Plus power supply. Also, they’re the only company that we’ve seen that can create premium alkaline water that contains a great amount of molecular hydrogen. Call us to learn more and to get an incredible deal.


If you're looking for a basic water ionizer that can create alkaline water for drinking, then consider the Chanson water ionizer.

It's perfect if you're source water is already clean because the filters are small and don't remove many contaminants.

Air Water Life

The only thing that we like about the Air Water Life water ionizer is the price. The plates are very cheap.


Water tests conclude that their plates may leach heavy metals, such as lead, into your drinking water.


Beware of this unit. 

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