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Do Water Ionizers Provide Safe Drinking Water?

Understandably, the question of whether drinking water is safe or not is on everyone’s lips right now. There is a crisis with waterways and municipal water systems across the country, and millions of Americans live with the reality of contaminated water.

The Problem with Jug Filters and Reverse Osmosis Machines

The answer, as many already know, is to filter the water you drink. But there is a sliding scale of doing so successfully. Jug filters are very rarely equipped with sufficiently sophisticated technology to remove the deadliest toxins. Reverse osmosis systems do remove contaminants, but also strip the water of vital minerals, leaving the water ‘dead.’

Water Ionizer Filtration Checklist

Choose the right water ionizer, and it will transform your tap water into safe, clean water that is free of even the most harmful and poisonous substances.

Filtration is one of the most important things to consider when buying a water ionizer. Some ‘big brand’ water ionizer companies make machines that look the part but have inferior filters. Here’s what you need to look for:

  • A water ionizer with more than one filter. Single water filters rarely have the capacity to remove the complex compound chemical, pharmaceutical and heavy metal residues in tap water.

  • Look for machines with pre-filters for customized filtration. These can make a world of difference to cleaning up your source water.

  • If a company doesn’t provide explicit information about what contaminants are removed by their filters, then move quickly on. If their filters were doing an awesome job, then they would be telling you so.

  • By the same token, if a water ionizer company has detailed filtration information on its website and a list of the specific containments removed by its filters, then you’re in the right place.

  • Found a water ionizer company you trust? Ask to see an independent laboratory filtration report on its water ionizer filters, if one isn’t already available to view on its website. Again, if there isn’t one, walk away.

Going through this checklist really does help to ‘filter out’ the good water ionizer companies from the not-so-good! Use it to help you to find the very best water ionizer possible, with the cleanest water.

What's Your Tap Water Like?

Have you been worried about all the stories in the press about contaminated tap water? Do you have any local water safety issues that you’ve been concerned about? Please share and help us to learn more about the water where YOU are!

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