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Kangen: Chemicals Found in Their Drinking Water

America’s water is in crisis. Every day, millions of people drink, cook with and wash in water that contains some, or a cocktail of, heavy metals (including deadly lead), pharmaceutical residues, agricultural run-off, radiation, and more.

How America’s Water Got So Toxic

How is it getting into the water supply? There are myriad ways, but they include the fact that the pipes delivering the water to our homes are aging and cracked. They fail to keep out groundwater contaminants and even introduce new ones. When the pipes were laid, they were not designed for the lethal, compound chemicals that now course through them; nor were they designed for the population numbers that they now serve.

Your Water, Your Choice

Americans have a stark choice: drink tap water, knowing that it is likely to be tainted (lead, for example, cannot be seen, smelled or tasted); drink bottled water at great expense to both your pocket and the planet or filter your tap water to make it safe and taste good.

Jug filters help, but they don’t take out enough of the contaminants. A water ionizer is a perfect choice – filters clean up your tap water before it is ionized. The result? Clean water that tastes great and helps to support good health.

Do Kangen Machines Make Tap Water Safe? This May Surprise You

Kangen is a well-known company in the water ionizer industry. It’s been around for a long time, so you might think that they have this filtration thing nailed. But do they?

Many people decide to buy a water ionizer purely because the machine will make their source water safe to drink. Knowing this, it’s vital that water ionizer companies make plain the filtration capabilities of their machines.

And here is where Kangen – the company behind Enagic machines – seemingly falters.

Kangen Filters: Why the Big Secret?

Other water ionizer companies – Tyent is a good example – explain precisely which contaminants are removed by their water ionizer machines – and it’s a lot. It stands to reason that customers NEED to know this.

Kangen, however, does not list the contaminants that even their flagship models remove – except for chlorine. Interestingly, the ‘Filter Information’ provided makes what is likely to be a disputable claim that some other contaminants – including ‘metallic ions’ are not removable.

Filtration Matters – You Need the Facts

The conclusion must be that Kangen machines might well provide ionized water, but anyone wanting to buy a water ionizer that removes deadly toxins might find themselves turning away from Kangen and looking to a water ionizer company that takes filtration seriously.

Put it this way, if Kangen/Enagic machines boasted the kind of high-tech engineering that enabled their machines to filter out deadly and dangerous elements, they’d want you to know about it, right?

Kangen Adds Chemicals to Their Water Ionizer Machines!?

I know this sounds crazy, but this is a scary and surprising truth. Kangen machines need a chemical enhancer in order to reach high and low pH levels for sanitizing surfaces and removing stains from carpets. The trouble is that this dangerous chemical runs through the same filters and electrolysis chamber that your drinking water does.

Bottom Line: Look for a quality ionizer that’s chemical-free. Additionally, look for a reputable company that offers to show you their water report so that it’s clear which chemicals their ionizer filters remove. Your health will thank you.

Have you looked into buying a water ionizer? Does adding a chemical to your ionizer like Kangen does scare you as much as it does us? Let us know in the comments below.

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