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Top 10 Water Ionizer Uses

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

“Cooking and cleaning…

And beauty routine uses.

These are a few of our favorite things… about a water ionizer machine!

When the thirst strikes…

When the hunger pings.

Simply remember these water ionizer uses… and then you will feel sooooo GLAD!”

water ionizer

What is a Water Ionizer?

Water ionizers operate by filtering tap water that is then converted into alkaline water through the process of electrolysis.

Drinking water can be a significant source of exposure to substances which are harmful to health in excess quantities, such as arsenic, fluoride, and nitrate.”

You can literally ensure your health and safety by using a top-quality water ionizer to make hydrogen-rich alkaline water.

Hydrogen water made from a quality water ionizer is packed with antioxidants and essential minerals that our body needs, such as magnesium, calcium, zinc, and potassium.

There’s a lot of health-related alkaline water benefits to enjoy from using water ionizers – but these machines can also be used to help you knock out some of those household chores, among other things.

Keep reading and prepare to be amazed!

Water Ionizer Uses – Our Top 10

water ionizer

Some premium water ionizers, such as Tyent, can make both acidic and alkaline water at different pH levels for various uses (from your health to your household.)

To give you an idea of what each of these waters can be used for – here are our 10 favorite uses for a water ionizer (5 using alkaline water and 5 using acidic water):

5 Uses for Alkaline Water

1) Drinking

· Drinking hydrogen-rich alkaline water made from a quality water ionizer machine can give you many long-term health benefits – which have been proven in over 1,000 scientific studies done over the years.

· Some of the benefits of alkaline water that’s rich is molecular hydrogen that you can get from using a top water ionizer are:

o Can help provide a boost to your mood and may even reduce your overall stress levels

o Helps promote better skin and bone health

o Can help boost your immune system

o Helps balance the body pH

· You can also use ionized alkaline water to brew your favorite coffee and teas and make them taste better…while also eliminating the bitterness that’s often found in these beverages.

2) Ice

· You can make ice cubes with ionized alkaline water that can enhance the pH balance of your water, smoothies, and other cold drinks.

· Just be sure to store your alkaline ice cubes in a tray in your freezer.

3) Cleaning

· Remove any oil-based stains, dirt, and odors from carpets, furniture, and clothing by soaking them in alkaline water made from your water ionizer.

· You can also wash greasy surfaces with alkaline water.

4) Beauty

· Take a sponge with ionized alkaline water to remove grease and dirt from your body.

· Remove toxins from poison ivy or a bee sting with an alkaline water compress.

5) Cooking

· Use strong alkaline water (preferably with a pH of 11.5) to soak your fresh fruits and vegetables in to remove any oil-based pesticides that regular tap water cannot remove.

· Make soups or stews with alkaline ionized water to help to maximize the nutrient source and enhance the flavor extraction.

· Tenderize meats by soaking them in alkaline water.

· Soak seafood in alkaline water to help remove some of those fishy smells and tastes.

5 Uses for Acidic Water

1) Beauty

· You can use ionized acidic water as a toner to soften your skin and restore your skin’s pH.

· Swish your mouth with acidic water from a water ionizer to help kill germs and freshen your breath.

· Rinse your hair with ionized acidic water to make your locks more shiny, colorful, and smooth.

2) Cleaning

· Spray acidic water made from your water ionizer on toothbrushes, trash cans, bathroom surfaces, kitchens, toilets, and other various household surfaces to sterilize and clean them.

3) Household

· Use moderate acidic water with a pH of 4-5 to water your freshly cut flowers and most houseplants.

· Freshen your rugs, carpet, and bedding with an acidic water rinse after washing them in alkaline water.

· Soak your sponge in acidic water to prevent bad odors and extend the life of your sponge.

4) First Aid

· Apply strong acidic water with a pH of 2.5 from your water ionizer to help treat various cuts, scrapes, and minor burns on your body.

· Help reduce or prevent blisters on the body by applying strong acidic water.

5) Safe Spray for ALL

· Use ionized acidic water as a safe cleaning solution to disinfect children’s toys and other surfaces they use.

How to Find the Best Alkaline Water Machine Deals

alkaline water

To help you save a ton of time in your search for the right machine…we found this super helpful Water Ionizer Buyer’s Guide that will give you FREE access to:

· Unbiased, detailed water ionizer reviews!

· Misleading marketing tactics used by some water ionizer companies to trick consumers, such as UV lighting and bogus claims about pH and ORP levels!

· Which company has been secretly putting poisonous chemicals in their water ionizers for years!

But – that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

To start enjoying the benefits of alkaline water today…give us a call today at 877-778-4306.

We’ll do the heavy lifting to find YOU the BEST deals on top water ionizers! You won’t be disappointed.

What do you think of our top water ionizer uses? Drop us a line at and share these tips with your friends and family!

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