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How Can I Afford a Water Ionizer?

So, you’ve read the writing on the wall and seen the headlines. Bottled water is an eco-nightmare and the threat of contaminated tap water is a constant source of worry.

You’ve done your research and you know that the answer is a water ionizer. It cleans up your water without removing essential minerals (unlike reverse osmosis systems), makes your water taste amazing and those thousands of bubbles of molecular hydrogen help to support good health and a robust immune system.

Perfect. Except for one thing. Can you afford it?

Yes, You CAN Afford a Water Ionizer!

Cards on the table, a top-of-the-range water ionizer is a significant purchase for most households. But wait – did you know that a water ionizer can be affordable AND might even save you money? Learning these two facts can really change things.

Here’s the first thing: a good water ionizer company will offer you solid, attractive financing terms with payments as low as $25 and $0 payments for up to 6 months. Think about it - $25? That’s possibly less than most families spend on bottled water every month, and you get to own a water ionizer in your home.

Save Money and Help Save the Planet

Once it’s installed, a glass of filtered, healthful and hydrating clean water will cost around $0.06 per glass. If you already spend a reasonable amount of money on bottled water each month, then it won’t take long at all to start saving money by ditching the plastic bottled version.

And it’s so much better for the planet as well. One single 500 ml plastic bottle of water produces a carbon footprint equivalent to 82.8 grams of carbon dioxide – think of the difference you can make if you make the switch.

Once you own a water ionizer, you can use it for so many things besides drinking water! If you buy an advanced machine with a separate acidic water outlet, then you can use that acidic water for cleaning surfaces, wiping windows, as a pH-balanced skin toner, for washing away herbicide and pesticide residue from fresh produce and so on. More money saved!

Call Us for Expert Advice on Water Ionizers!

You can do this! Want the best financing deals with the best water companies out there? Call our brilliant team today at 1-877-778-4306 and we’ll help!

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