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Alkaline Water Pros & Cons

Alkaline water is now so well known that we barely notice when superstars like Beyonce refuse to drink anything else.

So, it’s hot-hot-hot and it’s good for us - or is it? Is there a negative side to the water that A-listers and sports stars can’t get enough of?

Pros of Drinking Alkaline Water

The pros of drinking alkaline water are pretty clear: excellent hydration, balancing of essential pH levels, thus promoting good overall health, and (depending on where you get your water from, more on that to follow) a slew of other benefits.

What About the Cons?

But what about the cons? Does every silver lining have a cloud? What are the downsides to alkaline water?

First, it depends on where you get your alkaline water from. Bottled water is bad news for the planet – and arguably for you as well, with mounting fears over the toxic chemicals used in the manufacturing of plastic bottles leaching into the water itself. The potency of bottled alkaline water is also negligible compared with a water ionizer so overall, there are far more cons than pros.

For some people, another downside to alkaline water is that it's not a magic wand. In other words, if you want to nurture a consistently healthy pH level, then you can’t live solely on junk food and soda, and expect your eight glasses of alkaline water to sort it all out for you. Eating a balanced diet, with plenty of fresh fruit and veggies to counter treats and the less-healthy stuff, is the way forward. Alkaline water is amazing stuff, but you’ve got to pull in the right direction in order to maximize its benefits.

Another perceived downside is the initial cost of the water ionizer you need to produce alkaline water. This is well worth breaking down a little. Some of the leading models with a competitive price point (especially when on sale) don't only provide freshly-ionized alkaline water; they also give you acidic water to use around the home, on your skin as a toner (the ultimate pH balanced beauty product!) and to wash herbicide and pesticide residue off fresh produce.

Save Money – Buy a Water Ionizer

A water ionizer with 9+ hybrid ionizer plates and cutting-edge filtration power is an investment that you’ll never regret. And here's the thing: the cost per glass of the best-tasting, cleanest alkaline water available works out at around a few cents. If you already buy bottled water for your family to drink, to avoid contamination, then over a period of years, it's almost certainly cheaper to buy a water ionizer.

Can you add to our list of the pros and cons of alkaline water? What is the most important issue for YOU when it comes to the water you drink? We’d love to hear your views!

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