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4 Favorite Alkaline Water Benefits

It's no secret that a high-quality water ionizer is capable of delivering a stack of health benefits, but which ones are your favorites?

We’ve rounded up the four most awesome, life-changing benefits that water ionizer fans just can’t get enough of!

1. Hydration

Okay, it’s an obvious one, but making sure that our bodies are properly hydrated is vital for every aspect of our wellbeing. We cannot enjoy robust, optimum health unless we’re hydrated. Due to their minute structure, the hydrogen molecules in alkaline water are readily bio-available and hydrate each individual cell in your body faster than regular water - and for longer.

2. Balancing Your Body’s pH

A pH level that is slightly more alkaline than acidic – 7.35 to 7.45 - is healthier for your body. However, a modern lifestyle is an acidic one. Processed foods, smoking, stressful jobs and an increasingly toxic environment are all acidic factors, and frequently, your pH might be more acidic than it should be. Drinking alkaline water on a regular basis helps to counter an acidic lifestyle and rebalance your pH levels.

3. Antioxidant Power

Alkaline water contains potent natural antioxidants that provide a powerful antidote to harmful free radicals found in processed foods, smoke from cigarettes and the environment, among other things. It is free radicals that accelerate the aging process, which is one of the reasons that drinking alkaline water is proven to give your skin a more youthful appearance.

4. Shore Up Your Mineral Stores

Your body has many complex needs, and one of them is the slew of minerals that your body utilizes in all kinds of ways to keeps you strong and healthy. Alkaline water contains a LOT of minerals and that’s good news for bones, teeth and every other bit of your body!

Choosing a Water Ionizer

Alkaline water gets a thumbs-up, health-wise. There are many reasons to invest in a water ionizer at home, but which one?

The market leader for several years has been Tyent, and thanks to its on-going investment in employing the very latest technology and know-how when it comes to building their water ionizers, Tyent still comes out on top.

Tyent water ionizers are risk-free too: each one comes with a generously extended trial period and a Lifetime Guarantee. That kind of customer-first support gets our vote! Have you done your research in looking for the best water ionizer? Let us know what you’ve found.


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