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Alkaline Water for Children

Summer is approaching and every parent knows that the battle will soon start to get the kids to drink enough water.

Of course, kids need to stay hydrated all year round, but in summer, when temperatures soar and children skate, swim, race, throw and bat their way through the warmer months, they need to up their water intake a lot.

Toxic Tap Water: What’s the Alternative?

The problem is that it’s much harder to get kids to drink water that doesn't taste great. With tap water, that’s perhaps a mixed blessing. With potentially dangerous levels of lead in school water across America, and other carcinogens and toxins present in the tap water of millions of homes, an increasing number of parents are looking for an alternative.

We Need a Ban on Bottled Water

Bottled water is the obvious next choice, but the planet is choking on the amount of plastic waste that we’re producing and we’ve all got to start taking responsibility. Our kids, and their children, will reap the consequences of our actions, so ditching single-use plastics is the very least we can do for them.

There’s another issue with plastic bottles: there is mounting concern that toxic chemicals from plastic bottles leach into the water. Two pretty solid reasons not to thrust them into our kids’ hands every day.

Can a Jug Filter Cut It?

Jug filters are better than nothing, but they can’t tackle the worst of the deadly contaminants that we know lurk in our tap water. Plus, jug filters have a limited capacity to make fundamentally unappetizing water taste good to kids.

So we’re back to that point: to get kids drinking enough water to fuel them through those long, sunny, active days, it’s got to taste really good.

Water Ionizers: The Summer Hydration Solution

A water ionizer is your summer savior. It plumbs directly into your water supply and does the brilliant job of filtering and ionizing your source water at the push of a button. The ionization process splits the water into two streams: alkaline and acidic.

Alkaline water from a water ionizer tastes just how you want it to – and how kids want it to – clean, refreshing, pure and delicious. When it comes to getting your offspring to drink enough water, it’s a total gamechanger.

Choose Well, Buy Once

You’ll be faced with some choices when it comes to selecting your water ionizer machine. When it comes to the important stuff – filtering out carcinogens, lead and other nasties, for example – check out the deals offered by the market leaders, and particularly the few that offer a Lifetime Guarantee.

Thousands of parents every year discover the difference that a water ionizer makes. Want to see your kids racing to grab another glass of water? Maybe it’s time to join them! Are you trying to get your kids to drink more water? Let us know of any tips that have worked for you.

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